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With its sleek design yet cozy aesthetic, Scandinavian design is perfect for any modern home. From modern and functional furniture to pops of color and natural elements, this style can make any space feel bright and inviting. This means that you can create a beautiful space without having to spend a lot of money or time on complex renovations. With a few simple changes, you can transform your home into a modern cocoon.



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Meet Lena and David. A young couple freshly moved in into their new flat in a 60s building, accompanied by their furry friend, Max the dog. When they first entered their new home, they found the space a bit dull and in need of some spicing up. This is how their mix and match of Scandinavian design began. 




Kitchen Upgrade


Scandi Kitchen


They started in the kitchen, adding wooden shelves and handles, and a handful of fun details, such as the playful geometric carpet. They added pops of color through elements like the chair and a lamp cord, while emphasizing calming pale and natural wood.

Scandi Kitchen



But a kitchen is not just about accessories; it also needs a functional space. Besides colorful storage possibilities, they also needed a faucet that worked in terms of its design, construction and operation.

They chose the GROHE QuickFix Start Edge kitchen faucet because it met those criteria perfectly. The high C-spout with 360-degree swivel range and long-life chrome finish made it practical and durable - and it had the effortless style they were looking for. Even better, because it's a QuickFix product they found it surprisingly easy to fit it themselves, thanks to the handy QuickMount installation system, the super-simple QuickGuide that anyone can understand, and the easy-to-follow QuickVideo that are all part of the QuickFix package.  


Scandi Kitchen

Scandi Kitchen

The result? A bright and airy space that they love to cook and entertain in.

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