Bau Ceramic

Bau Ceramic Manual bidet seat 2-in-1 set wall hung

Color: alpine white

Product Number 39651SH0

The Bau Ceramic Manual Bidet Seat and rimless WC add instant style, comfort and hygiene to the bathroom! Sleek and stylish with a low profile, the Duroplast seat and lid are both soft-close and complement any cool and contemporary bathroom. The wall-mounted WC with rimless design gives germs nowhere to hide, making cleaning easy and guaranteeing improved flush performance. And installation is easy as the seat is fully manual so no electricity is needed. You can also add the Grohtherm Micro thermostat (34487000) if you want to have warm water! For total comfort and effectiveness, the bidet seat comes with two sprays that both have adjustable strengths – the rear spray and the gentle lady shower with wider spray pattern. The spray arms are made from anti-bacterial material and very easy to keep clean and germ free as they can be rinsed by their own cleansing spray heads before and after use. They also retract for added hygiene. To fit all you need is the Accessory Set with shower hose and T-piece (14074000) for easy connection to the water supply. It can also be used with ease with the GROHE Rapid SLX installation system for wall-hung toilets. The Bau Ceramic 2-in1 bundle – The simple bathroom upgrade for extra hygiene!

Product details

  • Consisting of:
  • Bau manual bidet seat soft close (39 648 SH0)
  • WC seat with lid
  • 2 dedicated spray arms (1 for anal area, 1 for lady spray)
  • pre- and post-rinsing of spray nozzle with fresh water
  • manually operated side handle requires no electricity
  • adjustable spray intensity
  • Duroplast WC seat and lid with soft close function
  • flexible water connection 3/8"
  • Bau Ceramic wall hung WC (39 427 000)
  • for concealed cistern
  • wash down
  • rimless
  • horizontal outlet
  • flush volume 6/3 l
  • sanitary ware